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Monday, January 8, 2007

Ode to a Friend..........

This is a sad day at the ranch.....

Early this morning, my husband and I were awakened by our inside dogs going crazy, barking and carrying on at the front window...looking outside to see what was going on I was horrified to see my sweet cat, Callie, being visciously attacked by THREE dogs that have been known to terrorize this area!! Screaming and running outside they took off and my precious Callie was laying there unable to move!!

What makes this even worse, is that these three dogs (2 chows and a mix) came onto OUR property and somehow managed to break our fence at one of the wooden posts to get into OUR front yard...the one place that Callie, Abby and Rascal (her offspring) felt safe from harm!!!

We rushed Callie to the vets, but alas, there was nothing Dr. Margaret could do! X-rays showed she had broken ribs and the right side of her stomach lining, although not visible to the human eye, was almost shredded. We brought her home and buried her this afternoon under a beautiful tree that overlooks one of our tanks.

I am sickened by this and cannot seem to get the picture of these dogs, not only on our property but in our fenced yard, attacking my precious, sweet Callie.

Unfortunately, this is NOT the first time these dogs have attacked animals and the owners of these vicious dogs don't seem to care and will NOT fix their fence to keep them in! They run in a pack and attack that way. These neighbors have previously been told and warned that these dogs have attacked other animals and all you ever heard was "oh..sorry:..."..."put a 'cap' in 'em if you have to"!! We recently found out that they were attempting to attack a small calf of one of our neighbors and they scared them away with a bb gun! Well, enough is enough....and if they come onto our property again they WILL BE SHOT!!!! There are no more apologies that I want to hear....these dogs are worse than coyotes...and are vicious and mean!!

But I want to celebrate the life of Callie and thank her for the joy she brought into our lives....

6 years ago, on a stormy Easter evening she somehow found her way to our property, got into our yard thru the gate and went into a dog house we have on the porch (that our USE to be outside dog turned inside dog use to stay)! We did not realize this until the next day when we came home and saw a little kitten that was at the side of the house! We brought that little kitten inside and put it in a little box and I went out to see where it could have come from and found a gorgeous but hungry Calico cat on our porch with a litter of kittens! She was so sweet and just meowed and meowed.....

Well, my husband promptly went to the store for cat food and the rest is history...she was here to stay!! She would wait for me to go out on the porch to keep an eye on her kittens and our Sheltie would go out with her and walk so she could potty, etc. Our Sheltie, Angel, was the only dog she let near her kittens! It was so cute!!

Well, those adorable kittens finally grew and the males, of course, took off, but two of the females Abby and Rascal stayed and have been here ever since!!

Go outside and Callie was always right there, wanting to see what you were doing, trying to help, and talking (meowing) the whole time!! She loved rolling onto her belly so you could pet her and when you went outside and called her name...she'd come running!

She use to love trying to get into the house when I would go out to was a game we played...she'd try to sneak in and I'd tell her "no"!! She, Abby and Rascal would lay out in the sunshine in the yard soaking up the rays, and at night would cuddle together in that "cat house" and would just barely open their eyes when you went to tell them goodnight!!

Little did I know that saying goodnight to her last night would have been the last time......

She was a wonderful and beautiful friend that brought so much joy into our lives and I am thankful for the time that we had together...I know she is in heaven now, running and playing with our past loving pets that have gone before us and making new friends while she chases butterflys!!

WE LOVE AND MISS YOU CALLIE.........................

Monday, December 11, 2006

Fun at the Craft Show......

Okay, my first craft show is behind me!! I must say, it was quite an experience, it was fun, met some great people...and I was exhausted at the end of the day!!

The "Cow Turd Sculptures" were a hit...everyone loved them and the sponsers told me I was the "talk of the show" before I even got there! Unfortunately, due to being late signing up for the show, my "booth" was located in one of the halls at the high school, which was not the best place I could have been. BUT, I had people coming up to my booth saying they heard about me in the atrium and cafeteria area and had to come find my booth!!

Also met a really nice lady who had the booth next to me and made beautiful jewelry! It was a pleasure being next to someone that was so much fun and we were able to help each other out, too! Next year we are thinking about getting a bigger booth together and seeing if we can get moved to a better area! I sure hope so! My mom, with her wonderful sense of humor, stated that she thought those gorgeous necklaces would accent those poop sculptures beautifully!!

Since I am constantly keeping a supply, we still have "Cow Turd Sculptures" available for Christmas for that special friend, loved one, co-worker or boss!

Just click on my web site at the top of the page. Any question, please feel free to ask!!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

No...the ranch survived the weather!!

I apologize to, we were not "frozen" in with power lines down and no electricity to turn on my computer! Time has flown by quickly...too quickly as a matter of fact!

I have been in the process of getting my Turd Sculptures ready for a craft show that I will be participating in this Saturday! I'm so excited, but a little nervous at the same time! This will be the first craft show I've done and there has been tons to do and try to remember!

Tables (and the table covering must go down to the floor)..boxes to put the sculptures in, tissue paper, signs, etc, etc....and that doesn't include the "putting together" of all the sculptures! You should see my is covered from one side to the other with piles of "poop"!! LOL Luckily we sit at the "island" to eat so I don't have to keep moving things around and destroying my "system"!

Soo, as you can see, it has been a busy last few days...and I have not meant to ignore any of you who enjoy reading this blog!!

Will keep you updated on how the craft show goes!

All of you remember to keep smiling and laughing....

Friday, December 1, 2006

Did I say snow and sleet....??


Well, I must say, the last day of November went out with a "bang" here at the ranch....a COLD bang that is!! Sleet, snow and heavy winds!!! Although the temp didn't get above freezing, and hovered around the 20's and teens, the wind was the worst!! Sometimes looking out the wind was blowing so hard I almost thought I saw white tumbleweeds rolling across the pasture...of course, it was only tufts of snow and ice but it was quite a sight!!

The cows, horse and mule came out from their "hiding spot" being the tank damn and trees to eat lunch....

Of course, the Queen Bee, "Sierra" always helps feed and "watches" so the cows don't get into the horses food...

Today, however, promises to be a better and much prettier day! No howling wind, and stepping outside the sun is shining brightly on the ice and snow that fell...making everything look like a crystal palace! The beauty of the snow and ice will disappear later today, we will be getting into the high 40's and the sun, as I am writing, is melting away yesterdays "news" like Frosty the Snowman in summer!!

What a beautiful December 1st day!!! Always remember: " Laughter is but a frown turned upside down"!!

The QB resting after her hard day of snow and ice......LOL

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sleet and maybe Snow expected....

What's the saying..."If you don't like the weather in Texas just wait a few minutes and it will change?"

Well, a change is coming! We are going from the 70's to possible sleet and snow, just today!! Bad weather is anticipated late this afternoon...and tonight it will drop into the 20's! Now, I know that doesn't sound "horrible" to those in the north who have been having HIGHS in the 20's, but down here....a little sleet and snow and it seems the world stops! LOL

I look out and it seems the cows are a bit restless...they can "feel" weather changes and the herd moves accordingly. During severe cold and/or heavy rain and wind they move behind the tank damn, and the damn and trees protect them from severe weather!

So, we (well I should say my husband) is busy getting hay down for them, taking some hay to our neighbors, getting the pipes wrapped, hoses put up, heat lamp in the well house, etc! Gosh...I'm already tired just thinking about all that activity! :) I will be putting some hay into the "cat house" for my outside cats so they can burrow down tonight and stay warm!! The house and the patio (and we built them a "lean to" that extends out) protects them from the strong north wind and rain, but I just feel better putting some hay into their house for extra insulation!

Collected some great "sculputured" poop yesterday and this morning and have it now drying out in the barn! My husband loves the fact that I've turned one corner of his barn into a "poop" holder area! LMBO!! What can I say....

Will also be doing some "special coating" this afternoon so that I have additional sculptures ready to go when needed!! I hope you have had to the chance to visit the "web page" and see the different sizes and ways our "Cow Turd Sculptures" are done! Of course, we are coming up with new ideas all the time along with suggestions from friends, so if you want something you don't see....just let me know!!

Everyone have a glorious day and remember:

"Laughter is the sweetest music that ever greeted the human ear"

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Beautiful Day

Here it is, the last few days of November and we may reach the high 70's!! Early this morning as I let the "babies" out to run and play I didn't even need a jacket as I watched them chase each other around the pasture, all of us enjoying the freshness of the air and watching the the sun rising in the east, it's rays peeking through the few clouds left, letting us know it was going to be a gorgeous day!!

The ducks are on the tank, some of them just swimming around and some sticking their heads into the water and waving their little duck feet in the air hoping to catch a small minnow as it swims by or grabbing some underwater vegetation! As the temperature begins to cool, more ducks will find their way to the tank..they seem to migrate together! We do not allow any hunting on our property and the ducks seem to know this, as there are times we have over 50 swimming, playing and residing here until spring!

I'll be going out to "poop" collect this afternoon...finding just the "right ones" that will look great as a sculpture!! Sometimes those cows look at me as if I'm a nut...but I just smile and tell them to "keeping poopping"!

Ahhhh....the beauty of this day!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sooo...what's with the Poop?

Well, what does one do with a pasture full of cow poop? Step over it, hope the dogs don't roll in in...or collect it and make Cow Turd Sculptures!!

Do I see a smile....a shake of the head....and hear even laughter??? Great, because that was the concept behind our bring laughter and enjoyment into gift giving, not only for the gift giver but also the recipient!!

Imagine's Christmas Day, a birthday, or any other special occassion in which you wish to give a gift....

You have purchased one of our Cow Turd Sculptures with a fabulous saying you have picked out, the gift is wrapped and just sitting there waiting to be opened! The tension mounts as you just know this gift will be a total surprise..and one that your friend, spouse or other family member would never have found in a store....

Well, it's time...and your gift in now in the hands of the recipient!! They slowly peel off the tape..start taking off the wrapping...your excitement continues to build and you are about to bust at the seams for them to get this gift opened and see their face! The wrapping paper is now off...the box lid is opened...a hand reaches in and pulls out something wrapped in tissue paper...they are puzzled as they normally have always been able to figure out their gifts from you (ohh..but not this time you think, standing there with a Cheshire the Cat grin on your face)! The tissue paper is slowly pulled back and there it is....a Cow Turd Sculpture!!! After the initial, "What the hell...???" you hear bursts of laughter from around the room, with the "oohhs and ahhs"..."this is sooo cool"...."where did you find this?"!!

Your gift was a HUGE success and you accomplished many things that one will ever know what to expect from you again, and you were able to bring laughter into another's life and give them something that will continue the flow of laughter and enjoyment as their Cow Turd Sculpture sits on their desk, on a mantel, or anywhere else they wish to display it for their continued joy and the joy and laughter of others!!

*"The most utterly lost of all days is the one in which you have not once laughed."

Visit our collection of Cow Turd Sculptures here